Re-imaging the Future Together. Leading Beyond Covid

Re-imagining the Future Together. Leading Beyond Covid

29 September 2021


Margaret Heffernan

Professor, Author

Margaret Heffernan is a Professor of Practice at the University of Bath, a Lead Faculty for the Forward Institute’s Responsible Leadership Programme, she mentors CEOs and senior executives of major global organizations and writes for the Financial Times and the Huffington Post. She is the author of six books. Her latest book Uncharted. How to map the future together offers an innovative approach to create the futures we want. Here You can see one of her Ted-talks:

Margaret Heffernan
Karim Benammar

Karim Benammar


Karim Benammar is a philosopher specializing in transformative thinking. Benammar studied philosophy in England, the United States and Japan, taught at Kobe University and directed research at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. He is the author of Abundance and Reframing – The Art of Thinking Differently. You can see his talk about radically different living in times of corona 

Folkert Oosting and Alex Simu


Folkert Oosting is a pianist, facilitating personal and organizational transformation through music. Alex Simu is an internationally acclaimed clarinetist, saxophonist and composer, and the winner of many awards, including a Golden Calf for the film music of Beyond Sleep. At the ELP Conference, Folkert and Alex will improvise on their instruments, listening and responding to the energy from the speakers and participants. Their music will slow down the brainwaves of participants, enhancing their reflection.

See a short improvisation by Folkert:

Hans Honig

CEO of Deloitte in the Netherlands, Chairman of the Executive Board and member of Deloitte North South Europe Executive

Hans Honig is CEO of Deloitte in the Netherlands, Chairman of the Executive Board and member of Deloitte North South Europe Executive. Before becoming CEO, he had other leadership roles in Deloitte, such as Managing Partner Financial Services, Corporate Strategy Officer and many client leadership roles.


Karien van Gennip


Karien van Gennip is the CEO of VGZ, a health insurance company. She also is a board member at Oranje Fonds and business school Insead. Karien van Gennip held several leadership positions at ING, including CEO of ING Bank France. Prior to her corporate roles she was deputy minister of Foreign Trade for The Netherlands. She started her career at McKinsey.