ELP Annual Leadership Conference 2020

Thursday October 8

Leadership for a Better World

14.15 Registration

15.00 Start Conference

  • Keynote speakers
  • Small-group dialogues
  • Roundtable dialogues
  • Networking breaks

19.00 Start dinner

  • Roundtable dialogues

21.30 End Conference

We will start our exploration from a common analysis: an essay written by Twan van de Kerkhof that all participants will receive early July. At the Conference you will be challenged by three speakers who will give their views on leadership for a better world from a societal, organizational and personal perspective and share their recommendations on the way forward.

Based on the essay and the speakers, participants will share their personal insights and experiences at moderated roundtables to explore their personal opportunities and responsibilities within their professional context. How can they contribute to a better world, based on who they are and what they do?  You will be seated at roundtables of eight individuals, one of whom is your ELP Moderator who will guide you through the dialogues to relate your personal insights and experiences to what you heard from the speakers.

The whole program is a flow of keynotes, small-group dialogues, roundtable dialogues and plenary dialogues. Good food and wine will accompany your conversations.