Restoring Trust

6 October 2022

About ELP

For nearly twenty years European Leadership Platform has offered leaders a place to meet with their peers and discuss the responsibilities, dilemmas and decisions of their working lives. Our Members are leaders with a growth mindset, who realize that challenging their perspectives on themselves and the world around them will help them grow personally and professionally.

ELP is based on the belief that people learn best through dialogue, and that dialogue is most valuable when it is conducted among equals in a setting that encourages openness and vulnerability. Dialogue is more effective than discussion or debate in addressing issues of increasing complexity and speed.

The dialogues with peers from a colourful array of organizations will challenge your views on yourself and the world around you. Inspiration and reflection are being served, along with good food and wine.

Inspiring leaders


Meaningful Dialogues


Food for Thought

“Managers live boot camps every day of their lives. What they need is to slow down and reflect”

Henry Mitzberg