About ELP

The European Leadership Platform is a platform for reflecting on leadership, especially for those who are chronically overloaded and yet are aware that they benefit from taking time to reflect. Reflection is important for leaders to transform the vicious circle of action and adjustment into a virtuous circle of action and reflection. The paradox is that the busier you are, the more you need to make time. Every lumberjack knows that he must sometimes step back from chopping the wood to sharpen his axe. We strongly believe that dialogue is more effective than discussion in addressing issues in a world of increasing complexity and speed. At ELP, you can stop running and stand still to consider what is important to you. We slow down so you can speed up. ELP is your antidote to a world out of breath, your place of silence in the centre of the storm.

ELP was founded in 2003 by Twan van de Kerkhof. Twan found that leaders encountered three major pitfalls:

  1. being caught in the delusions of the day;
  2. a lack of reflection;
  3. and countervailing power.

To address these issues, he decided to organize Roundtables in which leaders could reflect on their own dilemmas and behaviour and share their insights with peers.

For more information, visit www.europeanleadershipplatform.com

“Managers live boot camps every day of their lives. What they need is to slow down and reflect.”

Henry Mintzberg