Welcome to the ELP Annual Leadership Conference 2017

The theme will be ‘Leadership for the Future’. This will be a special ELP Conference because you can only come if you bring an individual from a different generation. To discuss the future, we need the future in the room. If you are a Babyboomer (born between 1943 and 1960) or a GenX (1961-77), you must be accompanied by an individual from GenY (1978-94) or GenZ (1995-2014) or vice versa: if you are GenY or GenZ, you need to bring a Babyboomer or GenX. You can bring your own child or parent, a cousin, a friend or a neighbor. We suggest a minimum age of 12 years old, a good passive knowledge of English and the ability to engage into a dialogue. Some dialogues at the tables will be in English, some in Dutch, depending on your preferences and abilities.

Why join?
1. Help to create a world that you and your children want to live it. Don’t wait until others do.
2. Engage with generations older and younger than yourself.
3. Be inspired by 3 great speakers.
4. Take time to reflect on what is important in your life in the company of peers.
5. Enjoy our good food and wine.

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Meeting different people, experience different ways of thinking, get inspired with novel trends, and meet people from outside your daily routine in a safe, non-judgemental environment.

Kaz de JongManager Staff Care, Médécins sans Frontières

We visit the ELP conference because we think it's necessary to co-create a compelling story for leadership in the century of Homo Deus.

Rob & Marthe van der WesterlakenPerpetuum

> I have had many engaging, creative and inspiring sessions at the ELP conference. The breadth of topics covered is impressive; so is the depth at which the topics are interrogated. The colleagues I have met have remained an invaluable source of professional and personal insight, experience and support which I treasure to this day.

Nicholas BrasseyHead of HR, Albert Heijn

'ELP's Annual Conferences have provided me with insights into more fundamental issues and developments, often with a long-lasting impact'.

Frank SchreveNon-Executive, former CEO

The annual conference offers the best of multiple worlds. It’s an inspiring event circling around trending leadership topics. It provides a space to reflect upon your own leadership style and behavior. It offers you an opportunity to communicate with kindred spirits who are in the same boat . And if all that is not enough, it’s rounded off with a good glass and fine food. I say: not to be missed!

Ber DamenMember of the Executive Board, Berenschot

After each ELP session I go home with a few nuggets. Whether it's the speaker(s) or one of the other participants during dinner, there is always something that 'disturbs' me and that I take home. A nugget.

Sander NieuwenhuizenCHRO Deloitte Netherlands
a flow of keynotes, Roundtable Dialogues and plenary Dialogues

Don’t miss this unique conference by all generations!