ELP Annual Leadership Conference 2019

ELP Annual Leadership Conference 2019

Staying Human in a Digital World


Welcome to the ELP Annual Leadership Conference 2019

Let’s create a new future together


In this year’s edition of the ELP Annual Leadership Conference we will look at the future of humanity: What does it mean to be human in this digitizing, globalizing world?

We are proud to announce that Nick Bostrom will be the main keynote speaker. Nick is a Professor at Oxford University, where he leads the Future of Humanity Institute and is seen as an authority on the effects of technology on humanity by many.

Organizations are systems of human beings working together to achieve common goals. Increasingly, humans are collaborating with intelligent machines. Nevertheless, leadership – for the time being – fundamentally is about relationships, about connecting as human beings. Technology creates new opportunities for organizations, but success depends on how people take advantage of these opportunities as individuals and in teams.
How can individuals give their best and be their best in today’s and tomorrow’s organizations? How can we keep a human dimension in large, international organizations? How should leaders deal with the uncertainty and volatility that they are experiencing?

Why join?

  1. Be inspired by great speakers on effects technology on humanity and the role of nature.
  2. Reflect on your role as a leader in keeping the human dimension.
  3. Engage with peers and speakers to share ideas on how to create a desirable future.
  4. And.. enjoy the good food and wine.


”Meeting different people, experience different ways of thinking, get inspired with novel trends, and meet people from outside your daily routine in a safe, non-judgemental environment.”

Kaz de Jong

Manager Staff Care, Médécins sans Frontières

“We visit the ELP conference because we think it’s necessary to co-create a compelling story for leadership in the century of Homo Deus”

Rob & Marthe van der Westerlaken


“I have had many engaging, creative and inspiring sessions at the ELP conference. The breadth of topics covered is impressive; so is the depth at which the topics are interrogated. The colleagues I have met have remained an invaluable source of professional and personal insight, experience and support which I treasure to this day.”

Nicholas Brassey

Head of HR, Albert Heijn

‘ELP’s Annual Conferences have provided me with insights into more fundamental issues and developments, often with a long-lasting impact.”

Frank Schreve

Non-Executive, former CEO

“The annual conference offers the best of multiple worlds. It’s an inspiring event circling around trending leadership topics. It provides a space to reflect upon your own leadership style and behavior. It offers you an opportunity to communicate with kindred spirits who are in the same boat . And if all that is not enough, it’s rounded off with a good glass and fine food. I say: not to be missed!”

Ber Damen

Member of the Executive Board, Berenschot
a flow of keynotes, Roundtable Dialogues and plenary Dialogues

Don’t miss this unique conference!